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Molly in Hartford

“You guys are so awesome, patient, and great. I could not have found her without your help.”

  • Katie in Lebanon, CT


    I would just like to say how very thankful I am for all the help & advice I received from Patti @ DogGone! If not for her assistance & advice I don’t know if I would ever been able to bring Katie home!! So I want to say thank you & let everyone know what a wonderful organization Dog Gone is! Keep up the great work!!!
    - Nancy Palozie, Owner
  • Milo in Bristol

    We are eternally grateful to everyone, especially Patti and Debra for all of their help and guidance! We are so very happy to have Milo home!! This is such a wonderful group of people. They amaze me with their kindness ♥️
    Jennifer Stangl (10/11/17)
  • Gigi in Cheshire

    This is a big thanks to CT Dog Gone Recovery for the loan of a trap last night when I was helping an acquaintance recover her lost Sheltie. Just as important was the excellent advice from CTDGRV’s Patti about how to use the trap. The dog was lost on Friday morning, we had the trap set up by 10:45 PM Friday night, and the Sheltie was in the trap by 2:23 AM Saturday! CTDGRV is a great organization!
    Bill Chiarchiaro (9/30/17)
  • Brody in Danielson

    Words can not describe the appreciation and tremendous respect that I have for this amazing group of volunteers. In a time where it feels like we have lost our faith in each other, these guys have restored it for me. Sharon M. was our lead, and from the start she guided us every step of the way, while keeping us focused on getting our Brody back, and also keeping our spirits high. She was there both night and day, and made his return to us possible. Thank you so much Sharon! Thank you CTDRGV. You have made a huge difference in this family's life.
    Nathan Madden (9/25/17)
  • Lily in Plainville/Farmington

    Massive 5+ stars, if it wasn't for this group, lead Patti and volunteers Diane. Carol, Paige and Jimmy, we would likely not have found our Lily Lu, missing since Tuesday, Sept 12 by jumping out of car wimdow in I84 East, moving car. We were entirely going about it the wrong way, but the good Lord, Patti and all the volunteers helped to bring her home. Please please, we beg you, if for some reason you lose your dog, contact this group which we hope to also become a part of..this experience has changed our lives. Many thanks and much appreciation beyond words.
    Sharon Gallagher (9/21/17)
  • Molly in Higganaum

    Welcome home Molly!!! A special thank you to Carol for all her dedication and support. We are forever grateful ❤️🐾!
    Lori Magnano D'Amato (9/10/17)
  • Ashton in Plainville

    Thank you everyone! All your shares on Facebook and the kindness of all that searched with us... thank u! Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers you are amazing!
    Joanna Asia (8/17)
  • Renly in NEWTOWN

    We would like to send our deepest thank you to everyone who helped us find Renly! To those who searched with us, posted signs, kept an eye out, shared, commented, sent love and prayers- we thank you. We couldn't have gotten through these last few days without your help and support. Specifically we'd like to thank CT Dog Gone Recovery for their help and guidance- without their amazing volunteers and support we would have not gotten word out as quickly as we did. No one ever knows what a wonderful community they live in until they are in need. We now understand that and want you to know how much we are grateful for your kindness. Renly is happy to be home with his family and we are happy to be at ease knowing he is safe!
    Kathleen Marie (8/6/17)
  • Ashton in Plainville

    Finding Sam was the best and nerve racking experience of our lives, I cannot begin to thank all the people that helped with his rescue and recovery. The dog done gone rescue was absolutely the best help ever to have, they kept up the search when Nickie and I had to leave until we came back. Sam is doing great, vet check was great just lost weight. Sam is a miracle dog! He has survived 23 days alone in the deep woods with coyotes and a bear in the area. He has licked us so much, I praise god for bringing him back to us. I think he is ready for his normal life again.... with his mama Nickie and of course me mama Pat. I love this dog so much. Carolina Trace will soon see Sammy out walking again! The other best thing out of this is the wonderful friends we have met, Olga, John and mama cee, Carol , Donna and Fred. We hope they will come visit us and we will definitely be back to Connecticut to visit them. Again, thanks to everyone who was asking about him, and a big thank you to our back home friend who helped find Carol and her team.
    Pat Fairall (8/17)
  • Percy in Cromwell

    CT Dog Gone went above and beyond to help us find our puppy. We were away on vacation when he disappeared and at a loss on what to do. Patti kept me calm and talked me through what needed to be done and stepped in when we no one was available to search and post flyers. Ten days later my baby was found. I can't thank Patti enough for her support!
    Cindy Raynis (8/13/17)
  • Sirius in Shelton

    Carol and Karen you rock!!! Thank you so much for helping us find my son's dog after the accident. After searching literally day and night, we were at a loss of what to do since he seemed to be running away from us when sighted. The call we received from Karen got us started on not only understanding Sirus's state of mind but also gave us a plan to get him back. He had been on the run for 4 days and was very hungry, so the bacon burn worked perfectly. We started cooking around noon and by 4 pm had him in our arms! Everything you said would happen did. His transformation in that split second back to family pet was amazing! We can't thank you enough.
    Annette Groski (June 18, 2017)
  • Ned in Sharon, CT

    We found Ned! I just wanted to let you know asap. I feel bad- Deb came to drop off some posters and I took her on the porch to see the terrain we are dealing with and he had just come off the mountain out to the pond. She pointed and said what's that red thing? I said that's Ned!! I felt stupid but was grateful she was there when she was or I may have missed him. I've been staring at that pond for 3 days! Thank you so much for all your help. We have happy kids happy dogs and a happy bloodhound. Although you would've thought he was out for a 20 minute walk haha. Thank you so much.
    Jason Sherman (5/27/17)
  • Rocco in Farmington

    Rocco's mom here - we could not be more grateful for CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer Network and all involved. Although Rocco was found far from anywhere we expected, their guidance and support meant the world to us, and kept ME sane during the search. Telling my boy his dog was missing was one of the hardest things I've had to do - and having a happy conclusion to our story one of the best. THANK YOU!Rocco's mom here - we could not be more grateful for CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer Network and all involved. Although Rocco was found far from anywhere we expected, their guidance and support meant the world to us, and kept ME sane during the search. Telling my boy his dog was missing was one of the hardest things I've had to do - and having a happy conclusion to our story one of the best. THANK YOU!
    Colleen Brunetti (7/17)
  • Rex in Strattford

    I cannot say enough about my new BFF, Carol, from CT Dog Gone Recovery. After searching for Rex for a day and a half, Eamonn sent me her number and I called her right away. I didn't know anything about her, had no idea what company she worked with, no time to even research her, I was just desperate and looking for help. From our first phone conversation, I knew she was the one to help us find Rex. She urged me to make posters (a very specific way) and I wanted to resist. I had no time to make posters, or any time to hang them all up within a 3 mile radius! I had a FB post, THAT was my "poster." My friends made flyers, THOSE were my "posters." She assured me posters would be the first step and I needed to do my due dilegence. I finally gave in and made the posters with the help of a very dear friend. With that, the calls started pouring in with sightings of Rex by Wednesday afternoon. I ran to every sighting, every time, never finding Rex. Carol and Christa set the trap up on Friday morning. Not an easy task, it took about 2 hours. The amount of work that goes into that is incredible. All of Friday afternoon/evening, the sightings were coming in like crazy, but further from where we thought he was. Actually, the trap couldn't have been further from where he was last spotted. Long story longer, he was caught on the first attempt. We were prepared to have to release cats, raccoons, opossums, maybe even skunks for a couple of nights. We never imagined Rex would be trapped the very first time. We never even had to use the flyers she created for me. Back to Carol... she wanted me to call the shots from the very beginning. She wanted every decision to be MY decision. She always offered her advice to help me along and offered guidance when I couldn't even see straight. I was in a complete fog for 6 days and she pointed me in the right direction every step of the way. When all of this was almost said and done, I asked Carol to let me know what I owed her... a deposit, a payment, cash, check, credit card, etc. I think she was just as stunned with my question, as I was with her answer - "I'm free. A volunteer. I work with a group of people who are extremely passionate about dogs." I still can't believe it. I had no idea they were volunteers because I didn't even know the name of the group she was with. She worked VERY hard and was just as emotional about Rex as we were. I've only known her for 5 days and I just cannot thank her enough for everything she did for us. She has a quite an impressive resume, a ton of experience and incredible knowledge. Although, you'd never know, unless you asked her. She never shared any of that with me until I started asking. She had no interest in persuading me to work with her. She truly did it out of the goodness of her heart, and my family will forever be grateful to her. She came over yesterday afternoon to meet Rex and take a few reunion pictures of our family for their website. I already miss her today. Thank you, Carol, for everything!
    Karen Greaves ( 3/27/17 )
  • Darla in Enfield

    Hi Patti and Sharon I cannot tell you both how happy we are to have our beautiful girl back. The two of you were so supportive and so full of suggestions. I thank you also for everything you were going to do had she not been found. You are wonderful persons, and be proud for what you do.
  • Maria and Mark (3/21/2017)

    Jax in New Haven

    We lost our beloved yellow lab on Sunday, March 12th. I had initially tried making my own posters and posting online yet they were not successful and we were worried about our dog because the big storm hit us on Tuesday of that same week. When I was starting to lose hope, Christa Hammarstrom from CT Dog Recovery contacted me to see how she could help. She came over and helped me make posters the correct way and even went out to post them for me right away. Her quick response, large colorful posters and wonderful tips is what made it possible for us to get our dog back 9 days after he was lost. Because of her posters, a police officer saw our dog and called me. She never lost hope, was in constant communication and even after we found him, she offered to help with getting down all the posters. Words cannot express the great gratitude that we have for Christa and the whole organization. Thank you for bringing our family back together again!
    Maria and Mark (3/21/2017)
  • Lucky in Windsor

    We lost our dog on March 9th and we found him on March 12th. Sharon Boulanger from CT Dog Recovery contacted us. She was so helpful, knowledgeable and gave us so many tips on how to find our dog Lucky. She kept in contact with us. She also came down to the Windsor area and set up traps, cooked bacon and never gave up hope. Soon after Lucky came out of the woods and was caught. We are most appreciative words can't explain how happy we are to have our boy back. So thank you Sharon from the bottom of our hearts.
    Jon and Carla (3/12/17)
  • Sadie in Burlington

    We have the BEST news EVER this morning! Sadie has been caught after a week on the lam. We can't thank Roz Nenninger, Wolcott Animal Control Officer and Carol Ferucci of CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers and crew enough for their work and tenacity in getting Sadie home. They have been out looking, posting, handing out flyers, chasing down sightings, setting cameras and traps loaded with food...all hours of the day and night. They didn't give up and Sadie is safe thanks to them. Hats off to these two wonderful ladies!
    German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue New England 2/3/17)
  • Schatzi in Southington

    SCHATZI IS SAFE AND HOME!! Thank you so much Carol at CT Dog Recovery!!! A trap was set by Carol yesterday. Thank you so much everyone for all or your help and efforts. The sightings were very helpful we were able to get her home. Thank you all so much for helping bring my baby home!
    Daryelle St Laurent (1/9/17)
  • Blake in East Hartford

    BLAKE IS HOME THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED GET THE WORD OUT! He was less than 1/2 mile from the house!!!! Sharon Boulanger THANK YOU THANK YOU! Shana & Chris for bringing me all the supplies & help with the signs!!!!!!!! 🐾
    Theresa Mehl (1/8/17)
  • Trever in Meriden

    I'd like to thank you for everything that you've done. Trever is home and safe. We passed out the Flyers and somebody called immediately. Your organization is great, thank you again.
    Becky Irish ( 1/1/17 )
  • Thor in Berlin

    (1/4/17) A BIG thank you to all the volunteers from CT dog gone recovery, and Fenton River Veterinary Hospital for letting us make this surgery happen! Thor is in some pain but he's doing great thanks to everyone's help! (12/8/16) I just wanted say a huge thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers at CT dog gone recovery volunteer network. They have given me so much hope, and helped us tremendously with creating posters and fliers for him. Without these wonderful people I wouldn't be able to bring him home!
    Liz Sasso (1/4/17) (12/8/16)
  • Razzle in East Hartford

    After a harrowing 2 days I am overjoyed to report that Razzle is safe and warm with a full belly tonight thanks to the amazing rescue efforts of CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers and very specifically a wonderful volunteer named Sharon ! She was relentless and spent a cold day staked out patiently waiting for our boy to appear. She finally made a brilliant decision to trap him and it WORKED! All the while providing excellent advice so that we could safely rescue our sweet Razzle and being him to his forever home. Thank you Sharon and Karen for your selfless dedication ❤❤. Razzle spent the night running around and playing with his new toys until he finally curled up in his doggy bed that was right in front of a nice warm fireplace . Quite a departure from the last 2 nights where he slept in the forest of Wickham Park in Manchester... This is the BEST Christmas present for Razzle, His family and Soft Landings Road to Rescue! Thanks also to the kind neighbors, animal control, police and Park Rangers who were all watching and reporting in... a Christmas fairytale come true
    Natalie Roy (12/16/16)
  • Dallas in Middletown, CT

    "This is Dallas – he also goes by the name Peanut. I wanted to post about the adventure he went on, and our story, as it pertains to the awesome and self-less work that your recovery service does. "Dallas had been staying with a new dog-sitter in Middletown, CT for an overnight visit (we’re from New Britain, so this was not his hometown). Unfortunately, he snuck out the front door and went missing this past Columbus Day. After hours of searching, and calling to him, the ACO in Middletown gave us Carol’s number to call to see if she could take on our case. And she willingly did. 🙂 The dog-sitter and I were working with Carol around the clock to get everything in place to find him. Between making and hanging posters, social media blasts, setting up cameras around the have-a-heart trap, bringing scent dogs and talking to people in the area – she worked with us tirelessly all week to find him. Carol was great, in that she told us things to do/try that we hadn’t even thought of yet. My sister and I even went on a doggie stake-out to see if we could find him. No such luck. The same night of the stake-out, the trap caught a skunk, and Carol calmly guided me on how to get the skunk out. This happened 2 more times over the course of Saturday evening into Sunday morning. At that point, it had been just about a week since Dallas went missing. The dog-sitter had a family crisis, and was unable to continue the search with us. This made our contact with Carol even more consistent and stronger, as there wasn’t another person involved – it was just her and I. And boy we made quite the team! From early Sunday morning, we were on a good chunk of the day, between texts and phone calls. Around 2pm last Sunday, I missed a call from her, and promptly received a text that said ACO got a call and potentially had found Dallas. We rushed out from home to the address that Carol had sent, just to find that he had gotten away from them. Good he’s still OK, bad that we didn’t have him. So, with Carol’s guidance, we started posting posters in this new area, which was about a ½ - ¾ mile away from where the trap was set. Carol was on her way down to help us regroup and figure out a new plan. In the 15 minutes we were putting up posters, my dad had done a drive around the area and saw him in a wooded, fenced area. He got us all up there, and with some finagling (and some fence jumping), we were able to get the dog out of the area with minimal injury (and a pair of ripped jeans). Now mind you, a week has gone by, and he still looked pretty good – a few cuts and scrapes, but minor injuries. I called Carol and let her know the good news. Our nightmare had finally come to an end. After a trip to the ER Vet, and a grooming session, he came away nice and clean. Next week, we’re doing a follow up visit to test for Lyme, as he had almost 25 ticks that were found on him. All in all, a happy ending. And none of this could have been accomplished without the help and resources from Carol. I can’t thank her enough for helping to get my baby back to me."
    Heather Elsinger (10/21/16)
  • Ruby in Southington, CT

    "For those who haven't heard or seen, Ruby made her way back home yesterday afternoon!! She was barking furiously at the back door and hasn't left my side since, except at the vet when she was forced and to sleep with my daughter, her best friend! After a 4 1/2 hour vet visit we learned that she was hit pretty hard by the car, and likely thrown. She has cuts and bruises everywhere, some pretty deep, her liver and insides were jostled and she's dehydrated. X-rays showed potentially slight internal bleeding which is requiring us to have to watch her closely. She likely ran far after being hit, then didn't know her way back. She is very traumatized and timid. Nonetheless, she managed to jump in my daughter's bed and sleep with her last night! 😊❤️ She is looking better this morning, and although her ears haven't perked up yet, she is a little more lively. A huge thank you (and I mean HUGE) to all those who donated their time to search for her, sit by our side, help with the kids, make posters, etc. I have never felt so supported in my life. I especially need to thank Patti and Carol from Dog Gone Recovery. Carol volunteered her time to talk me through every step of this, was super supportive, and even went to the vet and sat with me while we waited to get the good news. They are angels! Thank you to Jamie of Packleader Pettrackers for giving us hope that Ruby was still fighting to get back to us. Thank you to those I know, and those I don't, who texted, called, reposted, prayed, watched, volunteered, searched, fed us, etc. My faith in humanity has been restored, thanks to all of you. I am truly overwhelmed by the kindness we have felt the past few days. We are exhausted but our baby is home!! ❤️❤️❤️"
    Christine Morin Plourde (10/9/16)
  • Titan in Meriden, CT

    "We can't even begin to thank Carol and the volunteers enough for all their help. Even when our hope was down, she kept pushing and never gave up. We are so thrilled to have our baby back home."
    Lynn Tylec (9/27/16)
  • Melissa DeSandre (8/16/16)

    Milo in Glastonbury, CT

    "Update on Milo! We finally found our missing Milo!!! Seriously thank you for all the tips, help and support. A special thanks to Brit, kimmi and Lisa, ct lost and found, Karen from dog gone recovery, volunteers who helped locate and look for him and all of you who shared, and passed the message on. We felt an our pouring of love and support in this very sad and hard time. But now we are truly so grateful thank you everyone for everything! Our pooch is back! "
    Melissa DeSandre (8/16/16)
  • Hope in Ellington, CT

    "Thank you, Sharon Boulanger, and Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers. There is no way we would have been able to get Hope back without your hours of time, extensive knowledge, creativity and fantastic equipment. Besides helping to get Hope back you were very supportive and were there for us to help us get through this tough week emotionally. You were only a phone call away even for reassurance and were extremely caring. Hope went missing at 7pm and by 11pm you already had posters made, which is just incredible. When Hope came back your support did not end and were there to help get her to the vet safely. We cannot say enough good things about you and we are exceptionally thankful for your help and support."
    Mark Schneider (9/15/16)
  • Nichole Wells (8/17/16)

    Lucky in Bristol, CT

    "...I can not thank the team of supporters enough! None of this could have been done without you! As I say in rescue, everyone played their part & each role is just as important as the next! Thank you to Carol Lee Ferrucci From Dog Gone Recovery Rescue Group. You called me immediately & walked me through everything! You are incredible!....."
    Nichole Wells (8/17/16)
  • Quincy in Wallingford, CT

    "....... An AMAZING woman named Carol from Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers called me the night Quincy was missing. She has helped me and my family throughout this whole process with key information to find Quincy. She has been our rock these past few days--BEYOND helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. She was so knowledgable of lost pets' tendencies as well as methods to find them safely. She never gave up on us or Quincy. Without her help, I'm not sure we would have found our little family member. I hope you never find yourself in a situation like ours, but if you happen to, do not go through it without the help from Carol and her wonderful organization.  "
    Meghán Fekete (8/28/16)
  • Jackie in New Britain

    Today I want to Thank All of you Amazing Volunteers who took time out of your busy schedules to help us with our Missing Jackie.. I am Happy to announce. Jackie was found this Evening at 7 pm in New Britain safe and sound and is back in Julyssa's arms.. You are an Amazing team and I am very proud of you for the resources you provide in the community to help those whom have lost a pet and i am Eternally Grateful to you for helping us share our story leading to his safe return home. On behalf of our Family I want to express my Thanks and may God bless you all. I definitely am going to stay in touch and it would be an honor for me to be able to learn what you do and help others whom have also lost a loved member of our families. My daughter Julyssa is the Happiest Girl in the world tonight Thanks to you.
    Luz Gonzalez (6/1/16)
  • Ruby in Southington, CT

    "...... We would like to give a special acknowledgement to Carol Lee Ferrucci, Patti Marconi Hawk and the rest of the Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers. Your dedication, assistance and advice will never be forgotten. You kept the light of hope still burning during the times we felt hopeless. We hope that no one in the Southington community will have to face the emotions of a lost pet. However, if you are faced with that adversity, we strongly recommend Carol and the DGR team............"
    Paola Festa Tinder (9/4/16)