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10 Steps
What To Do When Your Dog First Goes Missing

When your dog goes missing, it can be an overwhelmingly scary and heartbreaking experience. Many people don’t even know where to begin to locate their missing dog. Below is a list of steps that can help increase the chances of recovering your missing dog.

  1. Turn OFF Electric Fence Alarm.
  2. Do a quick search of the area including under porches, in sheds and garages.
  3. Make phone calls reporting your dog missing to local Animal Control Officers, Police, Veterinarians, Shelters, Rescues, and to the Microchip Company (if your dog has a microchip).
  4. Contact CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers for support.
  5. Order 11 X 17 Posters, Flyers, and Handouts.
  6. Distribute handouts to all your neighbors, and people who see on the street, workers that are in the local area. Ex. Mail Carriers, Fed Ex drivers, landscapers, etc.
  7. Distribute Flyers to Shelters, Vets, and Local Businesses, Police, Rescues, Check back with them every two to three days to see if your dog may have been found.
  8. Hang posters around intersections and other highly visible locations – make sure they are facing traffic.
  9. Post lost pet ads on the Internet – FaceBook Lost and Found pages and groups,,, and as well as in local Patch online newspaper. Also, search these ads in case someone found and posted your dog.
  10. Place Worn Clothing around the perimeter of your yard. Your scent can help attract your dog home. Place the dogs bed out on a porch or deck near where your dog went missing. Put a bowl of food and water out near the dogs bed (food only during day time hours).
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