Put up Signs

Posters,Flyers and Yard Signs

CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers (DGR) recommend posters include:

  • Order 11 X 17 Posters on 67 lb Card Stock from Staples, UPS Store or you Local Printer. Then Place Poster over Neon Poster Board.Or You can make your own posters by following directions below
  • The words LOST DOG in big BOLD black print (3 inches tall and ½ wide) on top of the poster board
  • A (preferred 8 1/2 X 11)  clear photo of your dog in a clear sheet protector.
  • Attach the picture to the poster board with clear packing tape.
  • Write a Few descriptions of your dog. (BIG, BLACK, LAB.) in the area next to the picture.
  • Contact Phone Number in big BOLD black print (3 inches tall and ½ wide) at the bottom of the page or…
  • The word REWARD (optional) can be added at the very bottom of the page and the phone number just above it. (DGR has found that on occasions offering a REWARD can be an incentive to motivate people to report info on the whereabouts of your lost dog. Please discuss using a REWARD with a DGR volunteer

Poster Example

How to make effective Posters

Figure on placing posters in a 3-5 mile radius from where the dog went missing. Additional information on posters can be found on a separate handout. A DGR volunteer is also available to walk you thru and assist in the process.

The number of posters needed depends on the dog and how far we anticipate the dog may travel and the area of where the dog got lost, rural vs city. Additionally, after posters have gone up and no sightings are generated we may recommend expanding the radius for the posters. There have been situations where we expanded poster placement out to 10 miles.

Posters should be stapled up on telephone poles at intersections with traffic lights or stop signs. A DGR volunteer can suggest prime locations in which to place posters for higher visibility. Some towns do not allow posters on poles. In these situations, we use yard signs or A-frames at these locations. A volunteer can work with you on creative alternatives when this is the situation. Check your posters for those that need to be repaired and replace.

When you do get sighting call we recommend that you make sure the area of the sightings has plenty of posters alerting people about a missing dog to encourage calls when your dog is spotted.

Can be used as posters in locations with foot traffic such, trailheads, stores, gas stations, shelters, dog parks, and pet stores in the area. etc. A DGR volunteer can make one for you if need as well as gives you suggestions as to how to word your poster and where they should be placed. Flyers should be made on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and include:

Ask your local pizza Restaurant to put a flyer on pizza Boxes.

FLYER Example

      • Everything recommended for posters reduced to fit on the page.
      • Where the dog went missing
      • Additional important info can be added, such as Needs Medication, Deaf, etc.
      • The words DO NOT CHASE
      • The words CALL IMMEDIATELY

If you decide to use the flyer in creating a poster, remove the words Lost Dog and the Contact Phone Number from the flyer and make the picture and the rest of the info larger. DGR can help with the revision of the flyer if needed. Put this revised flyer into a clear page protector and attached it to a larger neon colored poster board that already has LOST DOG on top and the Contact Phone Number on the bottom.

We also recommend handing out flyers to people that you see in passing. To make it more cost effective, reduce the flyer down to fit four on an 8 ½ x 11 page and make copies of them.

Once you have an idea of the general area of where your dog is located go to that area and place a flyer between the mailbox and red flag. It is illegal to place them inside the mailbox. We recommend distributing flyers to the individual homes within an area of higher probability because it creates brand recognition. The more times people see your lost dog information the more likely they will be to associate sightings of your dog to you. A volunteer can review with you other services that alert people in the area about your lost dog.

Another way to get the word out about your missing dog is to create a mobile billboard. Owners can attach flyers to the back and side windows of their car. You can also purchase window markers that are made for use on glass and can also be used to write on the windows of your car. A DGR volunteer can also guide you on how to create a mobile billboard.

There are additional methods to advertise your missing dog. A DGR volunteer can discuss them with you.