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CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers (DGR) is a group of dedicated volunteers who specialize in helping owners reunite with their missing dogs. 


We use tried and true practices that are based on the founder of Missing Animal Response, Kat Albrecht's research of dog temperament and behavior patterns of lost dogs. We build a profile on your dog and attempt to understand its temperament, the distance he/ she may travel and what may be helpful in the search effort.


DGR offers a variety of services including consultation, educate owners on lost pet behavior, create flyers, advise and assist on effective poster design and placement, create lost dog videos, network on social media sites and other websites, and on youtube. DGR assists with search set ups. We provide resources to aid in capturing loose dogs such as Field Cameras, and a variety of Humane Traps. Many of these traps are designed to catch even the most trap savvy dogs. During the consultation process, we will inform the owner of the different options that may be available to help find your missing dog. We respect the owner's choices on how they wish to proceed.  Furthermore, CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer's will encourage you to not to lose hope and give up the search for your dog. 


Send us an Email, write a  post on our Facebook page, or send us a Facebook private message, and one of our contacts will get in touch with you.


In the meantime, DGR would like to share with you some helpful tips that you can begin your search for your lost dog. Please scan through this site we are sure you will stumble on something that may be helpful in your search. We look forward to hearing from you and we wish you luck finding your lost dog. 


Great Video of Calming Signals 

Lost Dog sniffing out a scent trail at a feeding station 

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Dog Star Rescue

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First Things to Do if Your Dog is Missing 

1. Call animal control in your town and Surrounding Towns to report your lost dog.

2. Do a Quick Search of the Area. Do Not Call out to the dog. If you have a fenced in yard, keep gate open so dog can come back in. If there's an electric fence, turn fence off so dog can come back without getting shocked. Leave Food and Water outside. Place the dogs bed in the area of your yard the dog went missing.

3. Fill Lost Pet Alerts at  All local vets will be notified of your missing dog. Download the Neighbors by Ring app and upload your lost pet flyer.

4. Place your missing dog on your local Facebook Groups. Include your phone number, cross streets, town and a photo of your lost dog.

5.Fill out a lost dog form on our website . Link is Above.

6. When looking for your dog DO NOT CALL OUT TO YOUR DOG. Your dog will just run away. if you see your dog, get on the ground, Do Not make eye contact. You can use food, a favorite toy or another dog to lure your dog to you.


We advise AGAINST search parties. 

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Kennel Trap Demo

Effective Posters 
Trapping Photos

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Teddy from Southington on the News. Push on Teddy's Reunited flyer below for Link 

Lost Dog Videos

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Our Great Team?

Are you interested in assisting our leads on a missing pet search?  We have a variety of tasks that our volunteers cover in a search and where you can assist us. The level of your involvement is up to you. It can be anything from making and putting up posters, flyer design, sharing flyers, mapping sightings, assisting setting up of feeding stations, assisting baiting and setting up traps/cameras, fundraising, and website assistance. You will learn from an experienced lead. We pride ourselves in using the latest information and research made available to us from Missing Animal Response and their membership. Members include experts in a variety of areas: lost animal behavior, predator behavior, scent, wildlife and cameras, and input on the latest technology products including the use of drones. Consultation from these experts is readily available to us as needed. All we ask of you is the willingness to learn and have an open mind as we work towards the goal of bringing a missing pet home.

In the News

Click on News Channel 8 Picture and Fox 61 to Play Link to Boomer on the News. Boomer was missing from Rocky Hill and found 4 months later in Branford 
Boomer on News Channel 8

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