CTDGRV Equipment 

CT Dog Gone Recovery has equipment that the leads in CT can use if/when needed to help find lost dogs in CT. Here is the equipment we have and will be adding more as we raise money through Fundraisers. 

   * GPS Trail Camera's and the Latest in Camera technology The Bushnell High Def Impulse Camera.

Equip Impulse Cam.jpg
Equip Trail Cam.JPG
Trail Camera 
Impulse Camera 

      * Some dogs for various reasons need to be trapped in one of our human traps. We have traps of various sizes                 depending on dogs size and temperament. Here are some examples.

Kennel and Trap.jpg
Equip Carol Trap.jpg
Equip Trap.JPG
Equip Kennel with Dog.JPG
Traditional Trap             Trap with Dog    Kennel Trap with Dog         Traps 

* We also have a Drop Net for dogs that are very afraid and too skittish to go into a trap. A drop net would go up after the dog is seen eating at a feeding station on camera. Then the net will be set up in the same area with food and water in the middle. Once the dog comes in to the area and seems relaxed, the net will be released and the dog will be safe. This is done by several volunteers waiting off to the side hiding. They will be watching quietly and release the net then immediately run in to get the dog to safety. This does not harm the dog. It's a wonderful and necessary tool for getting very skittish dogs to safety. 

Equip Drop Net.JPG
Drop Net