Thursday, Oct 12, Is CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer's Night at Creeperum.
We will be "trapping" 3 Ghoulish Celebrities, -
 The River 105.9 Renee Dinino, and from Country 92.5 Damon Scott & Cory Myers!
 We can't wait to lock them up!
They need you to release them from a life behind bars.... 
And they need all of you to donate money or else...

  Please Donate Now To Help Them Get Out Of The Trap Quickly.

You can start donating to release the trapped celebrities below. Just click on the celebrity you would like to free (or all 3) and follow the steps. You can also see how much has been raised. 

Thank you all!
🐶🎃💀👻 Please share & invite your friends 🐶🎃💀👻
Please note when you enter $ amount, do not enter cents for example, if you are donating $15.00 only enter 15
otherwise, it will not accept your entry.
(All proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to CTDGRV to purchase equipment and
supplies used to assist finding missing pets.)
**IMPORTANT** When you make a donation, be sure to use whole numbers, DO NOT ADD .00 to your amount you enter.  For instance, if you are donating $25 only enter 25  - DO NOT ENTER 25.00.  Thank you!
On the second page of the purchasing tickets, be sure to put Oct, 12, if you want to go on Trap the Celebrities night.  And on the second page you there is a place to enter a discount code - enter "DOGSTAR" for CTDGRV to get credit from the sales.