More Testimonials  

Dani in Meriden 

I cannot say enough about this organization and my love for Carol she went above and beyond to help us find Dani.

Our little love was lost and out in the real world for 4 days and our minds were totally absorbed with thoughts beyond the entire time Carol kept us clam, reassured, and did the best to reassure us that we would be reunited by following the steps she needed us to learn.

We have our little girl home with us now thanks to this wonderful group of people and the time and effort they put in is endless

I pray this never happens again but it's great also to know there's people like Carol out there willing to go the extra mile wanting nothing in return...

I can't say enough and I'll end this was saying thank you for bringing our baby home...

Karen Kelsey - Dani’s Mom 

My thanks to Carol and Christa for an incredible job of recovering Boomer this week.An amazing success against impossible odds.Dog Gone,the best in the business.No one works harder or smarter!My unending thanks.


Mike Dinnie 

Brig in Terryville 

The torment we went through when our dog was missing was just awful. Patti kept our spirits up and gave us great advice on what to do. After being gone for a whole week our precious dog showed up at our back door. We got our Christmas miracle! We will be forever grateful. - Kelly Musshorn 

Boomer in 
Rocky Hill 
Ginny in 

Ginny, my little chihuahua mix, got out and ran for it Friday night. Saturday morning I was contacted by Carol from CTDGRV who saw my lost dog post online. She gave me lots of great advice for getting the word out and coordinated getting flyers designed with another volunteer. Having these was a HUGE help. Once I started getting calls and we had a good idea of where she was hanging out, Carol came out and I helped her set up a trap and a camera to let her know if anything got in it. Ginny was running from everyone who saw her so this sounded like the best option. And it worked!!! 3 a.m. I got the call. Talk about dedication! From the camera, we knew she was in there, but after talking about it we decided I probably needed help getting the trap and her out of it since she's a runner. I'm the middle of the night Carol drove out to help. Needless to say Ginny wasn't happy about being trapped but we got her out safely and securely. She's now back inside where it's nice and warm. I don't know how long it would have taken or if it would have happened at all if this organization wasn't around to help. Thank you!!!!



Theodora Ruhs 

Bloomfield, CT

Chloe in 


Chloe is waking up in her warm bed this chilly CT morning after several days on the run.  On behalf of all of us at Big Dog Ranch Rescue we would like to thank her family, Carol and Christa from CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers and the entire community (including my very own family up in CT) for working together to make this reunion possible.  We have all learned alot about search efforts thanks to Carol and Christa and their Team.  Please visit their website and educate yourself about the things to do and not to do.  Do not chase, do not get tons of people out on foot as this can further chase the dogaway.  Instead create social media communications to call in sightings so that area can be identified.  Their website is so valuable.


My particular mission is to encourage dog owners toTHROW AWAY THEIR RETRACTABLE LEASHES.  You see this is what started Chloe on her run.  The leash was dropped making a loud noise on the sidewalk and the chase was on.  Chloe was literally running away from the speeding clunking leash trailing behind her.  I have had this happen myself and have seen the look on Mopsie's face as she ran away with the plastic monster chasing her.  I have heard this same story from far too many friends. Instead I encourage of us all to use a nylon or leather leash.  As owners we need to learn how to train our dogs to walk properly by our side.  We have all seen people with the dogs 15 feet in front of them out of control.  I myself have a lovely scar on my calf from a visit Mopsie had with her dogfriend Cody. I got wrapped in the leashes as they played and I got my first leash burn.  We have all heard the saying who rescued who, well who is walking who?   Both organizations are non-profit and are made possible thru donations so links are here in case you can help all of us to do more for our furry friends. and    So thankful for Chloe's happy reunion : )

Deb Hilton, Big Dog Ranch Rescue 

Conan in Wallingford 

When we lost all hope Dog Gone was there to lead the way and keep us strong. Thanks a ton to Dog Gone angels' Carol! Conan is home, had a shower an rolled all over our bed! - Regino Castrota 

Zaley in 


Fantastic!!   Carol was super -knew  exactly what to do to get my Zaley home.  Her dedication from the very beginning of our journey together was beyond what I could have imagined. Within minutes of my text to them, Carol devoted her days and night to directing me in what I needed to get done.  She went above and beyond in participating and using her knowledge and tools to bring my fur baby home safe and sound.   My trust was well placed with CT Dog Gone Recovery. - Dawn Pawelczyk

Boss in Hartford 

My family and I would like to thank Dog Gone Recovery volunteers from the bottom of our hearts! You helped bring our baby Boss back home and for that we couldn't be more thankful! I was kind of skeptical when I first received a phone call asking if I wanted help looking for our lost dog.. and after hearing all of the services I thought for sure it was be too good to be true


Boss’s Family 


Fin in East Longmeadow, Ma

We want to give the biggest Thank You to CT Dog Gone Recovery. Patti was an incredible help the entire 3 days our pup Fin was missing. She provided endless tips and resources and taught us the smartest proven methods for finding a lost dog. Without any hesitation, Patti offered to make eye-catching flyers which we circulated throughout the community-online and in person. The flyers, online sharing and general public awareness which Patti helped with are absolutely what lead to us finding Fin. Not only did Patti and CTDGR provide us with assistance and resources, they provided moral support and made sure that we remained positive. The fact that they shared their expertise with us free of charge and out of the goodness of their hearts make this group even more commendable. Please utilize this amazing organization if you or anyone you know is ever missing a beloved furry family member.  - Christine Heady 

Vuka in Manchester 

We are so profoundly grateful to Brian Rogers for catching our rescue run away dog Vuka. Brian THANK YOU so much for getting our baby home!!! You are forever in her heart and ours too.


Dear friends, we are more than happy to highly recommend Brian if you ever need to catch your run away dog. Brian is total pro, he is efficient and compassionate, his techniques and intuition are effective and get the job done! Brian went all the way out for finding Vuka. He run a flyer campaign, set up traps and video cams, did a bacon burn, laid down for hours in the deep freezing snow. You name it, he's done it all. Brian THANK YOU so so much!!!!!!!

Milla Kennedy 

Teddy in Southington 

A HUGE shout out and THANK YOU  to Carol Lee Ferrucci and CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer Network for EVERYTHING that you did to help us bring Teddy home.  The Grindle family is forever grateful: the long days (and way too many of them), the trapping and food stations; the bacon burns; letting our daughter help set up traps gave her a huge appreciation for the care and concern that CTDGRV shows all of their pup families.


Teddy is enjoying his warm bed and chicken and rice dinners (vet says he ate some stuff that wasn't so good for him...hmmmm :) ).  His tail is wagging and he's home in his safe warm bed.  All is right again.


We thank everyone for their collective prayers that we know helped bring Teddy home.  Who would've thought a pampered pup would be able to survive 4 Nor'Easters, coyote, wolf, and lots of traffic to come home safely?  If I hadn't lived through this story, don't know that I would have believed it. 


Thank you again Carol for never giving up and not letting us give up either.  We are eternally grateful. 

Roseann Grindle 

NeNessa in 


“We got Nessa!!! Kim is amazing! I was so frustrated and exhausted I didn't know how much more I could take. Thanks to her she stuck with her gut and did a bacon burn in the same place she was sighted a couple days ago. I saw her last night in a diff area. But Kim said she was going to stay at the first place after she checked out the trail I saw her on last night. Amazing!”

“Sleeping on the bed with mom is the best thing ever. She's out like a light! You guys are amazing and we are so grateful to have our little girl back. Absolutely could not have done it without you guys. What a blessing Kim has been keeping me hopeful, logical, and calm all the while showing such genuine dedication. Amazing!” -Sarah, Nessa's Mom 

Bear in Enfield 

I called CT Dog Gone Recovery to help me with a stray dog in my backyard that was extremely skinny. They were super friendly and sent Tammy to my house the next morning. She drove about an hour on her day off to my house  to set up a humane trap and camera. Within an hour or 2 the dog was caught. Tammy drove an hour all the way back to help me. She sat with us for hours not only supporting the dog and I but advising me on my next steps. Long story short, I ended up adopting the doggy and it's all thanks to Tammy, Carol, Patti and the rest of Dog Gone recovery team. I'm forever grateful for their kindness, willingness to help and vast knowledge. I will recommend them to everyone I can!  Thank you! _ Sarah 

Clark in Lisbon 

Incredible group of people. So fast to set trap. Sharon and greg i will never be able to thank you enough for trapping clark! The Best

Lisa Hurley First 

Gizmo in Stratford 

I just have to say thank you so much to carol from CT dog fine recovery volunteer network they are truly amazing. We followed her instructions and that’s exactly how we found our dog gizmo and got him back. After 6 long days and nights she stayed connected with us every step of the way. We are so grateful for such amazing people in the world that volunteer there time for free to help others i pray that God will continue to bless this foundation for being such a blessing to so many others. - Latisha Muniz 

Ginger in Southbury

Knowledgeable, friendly, and positive.  My boxer was missing for days after the storm and spotted approximately 2 miles away.  They setup a few traps, baited, and a few hours later my dog was safe, warm, and dry at home. Don’t wait just call them you will not regret it! - Jon Olsen 

From Erica, Candy’s Mom:

CAROL IS AMAZING !  She was with me every step of the way with tips and advice and she’s so informative and just so loving ! I never got to meet her in person but we talked and texted several times and she was available all the time ! if you ever need help finding your missing pet, these are your go to people ! They love animals and you can feel how much they want to help you! Thank you so much, please reach out to them with any questions and donations ! They are VOLUNTEERS but deserve our help as well 

Candy in New Haven 
Ruby in Trumbull 

WELCOME HOME, SWEET GIRL. With an insane amount of above-and-beyond help from Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers, our Ruby is back home, eating hot dogs and giving kisses. The squeals of Max getting his face licked are the sweetest sounds I think I've ever heard.


Thank you to everyone who called, texted, shared Facebook posts, and everything else y'all did. You not only kept us sane but gave us hope. Not to get all teary-eyed and weepy, but in a world where there's so much negativity and cynicism nowadays, this was an absolutely insane reminder of how amazing people can be. Thank you thank you *thank you* from the bottom of my family's hearts. - Alex Dancho, Ruby’s Dad