First Aid Kit for Your Dogs

CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers encourages pet owners to always have certain items on hand in the event of something happening with your pet.  The following is a list of these items. In addition to the items listed above, include anything your veterinarian has recommended specifically for your pet.

Free Brochures on brought to you by the American Veterinary Medical Association Pet First Aid PET FIRST AID,  Disaster Preparedness For The Whole Family, 

*There are times your pet may get into a situation that will require medical treatment. In order to effectively care for your pet during these events, having certain products and information on hand can make a huge difference in caring for your pet. The list above is suggested items from both the Humane Society and Animal Wellness, and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

**The links to the recommend items are just an example of what the item is referring to, not necessarily a recommendation on that particular product. CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers is not endorsing any of these web pages or products listed nor are they liable for the quality of the products or web sites.  These links are merely used for reference purposes only.  Please do your own research to determine what products are best for your own pet.

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CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers is a group of dedicated, hardworking volunteers, and we need your support. If you think we are providing a useful service, please help us with a donation, no matter how small. Any donated funds go directly towards new equipment, supplies, and training. Help us continue to get more lost dogs home. Thank you for your support.


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