Sadie in Lebanon 

Dear Volunteers, 

May I say first and foremost thank God for people such as you. I was referred to Robin Mott of Columbia and her step by step guidance was Instrumental in getting our golden retriever back to us. Being retired we don’t have many things to enjoy, but Our dog Sadie is a significant part of our family. She is a kind and gentle dog and brings us much happiness. When she went missing our hearts were broken. With Robin‘s help she was returned to us after what we believe was a deliberate Dog napping. With the flood of material and sharing on Facebook and flyers I think the perpetrators were running scared. Thanks to Robin and your organization. I wish I was a millionaire is I would definitely share the money with you folks. Love to all on saving our furry friends.

Linda Fanelli and Sandy Blakeslee 


Dear friends, I can not express how Much I appreciate Dog Gone Recovery team and Carol! 
I would like to take the time thank Carol and the whole Dog Gone Recovery team of volunteers. My special thank you to Gerilyn and Paige for support during very stressful time I went through. Our little dachshund Misha ran off into the woods of Bethany CT while staying at a relatives home. As soon as i found Paige through Facebook and she recommended me to Gerilyn and Carol my anxiety levels where lowered. If any one has ever lost a pet they can understand the fear and stress that one goes through. Carol was there right away laying out a step by step plan of recovering our dog. She walk me through each step and explained what and how our tasks need to be done. Paige and Gerilyn spend hours with me on the phone to get my stress down and helped me with flyers and posters. Carol was right there as late as 2am planing out the posters, she and the team were there in intense heat hanging flyers and walking through the woods looking for our dog. Even when I had to work they were in the neighborhood contacting neighbors raising awareness. The hard work the emotional support and total compassion was unbelievable. Carol and her team would drive back and fourth from there homes countless of times and put more then 100% effort in order to recover our pet. Carol was there setting up cameras and trap and feeding area once the calls came in of his sighting. She was there for two weeks straight time and time again. Low and behold. Our Misha is back home. He survived in the woods for two weeks straight to the day. Without Carol and the team though I wander if we would ever have him back. If you are ever in this stressful unfortunate situation my advise is contact Carol and the team. The amount of love, care, compassion, persistence, and hard work is unbelievable. I hope that no one ever has to go through the stress of missing a pet but if you are ever in this situation contact Carol and Dog Lost Team for help. THEY WILL HELP. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you Carol and all the countless volunteers that donated their time in order for us to have our doggie back home safe. - 

Tilly in Meriden 

Tilly Reunited_edited.jpg



I would like to thank CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers and Carol Ferrucci for all your hard work, advice and help find our lost dog Tilly, who escaped through a propped-open gate after a delivery to our home on Friday November 9th.


Carol contacted me after seeing a placement on, made up posters, flyers and handouts for me to print, and help to post them all around the town we live in.


Without that deluge of appeals to passing motorists, shop patrons and via mailboxes, we would never have gotten the calls and support of people wanting to see Tilly come home.  The calls allowed us to pinpoint her location and rescue her!  People saw her, saw the number to call and we knew within minutes where she was! 


I am profoundly grateful to CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers and Carol in particular for tremendous efforts and support in finding Tilly, who is now home safe, warm and dry!


- L

Oakley R.JPG

Thanks to all of your shares, my amazing neighbors, CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer Network, Paw Boost and Oakley’s high pitched and very vocal nature she was found last night less than 4 houses away in someone’s backyard! I appreciate each and every one of you to the highest paramount, your dedication and great advice made this possible! Thank you so much! She’s in good condition she was just cold and starving. My neighbors husband heard it on their camera and because of the posters and the shares you all did she realized it was Oakley! She shared the post yesterday morning herself! She called me and when I asked her if the barks were really high pitched and annoying I knew I instantly that was my baby! She and her family watched over her until I got there and we had a wonderful reunion. A million thank you to all of the people who shared, liked and tagged other people. So grateful for all of your help! 

Cierra Wood 

Oakley in Stamford 

More Testimonials  

Chief in New Hartford


I don't have the ability to put my emotions into words. I just can't thank you enough for all your efforts in helping to bring Chief home. Ur presence and support and kind words during such a tough time will truly stay with me forever. You were absolutely meant to do this recovery work! 

I'm still in a state of shock that Chief just found his way home! This dog and I are soul mates.. just meant to be together I guess. 

Thank you again. It means the world to me. Jace and I would like to make a donation to you and DGR in Chiefs name 🐾. 

Durango In New Haven

I’m a veteran animal rescue/foster person who does everything “right” to keep her dog safe, but earlier today my landlord called to tell me he accidentally let my dog out 2 HOURS earlier and he was still missing. I freaked out. Left work. Called the shelter and the police department on my way home. Posted on every social media page I could think of AND called DGRVN as I searched the neighborhood. The phone was answered immediately by a live person and within 5 minutes they’d make a mock up of a lost flyer and were about to make an order for me as I was still walking the streets. Thankfully, my pup came bounding up to me and found me himself shortly after and we didn’t need to progress the search anymore. I was so impressed with the efficiency and speed! I hope I’ll never need them again, but will call them in a heartbeat if I do.

Ashley Trueman 

Judith Testimonial pic_edited.jpg

Judith in 


I would highly recommend this group! I was so panicked and felt horrible when my new puppy slipped out of her collar and ran away.  A volunteer reached out to me within a day offering to come to my house to look around and help me pass out flyers. While I was at work, someone came and walked around my entire property for signs of the dog. That night they also arranged to bring a kennel trap over to help catch the puppy. I was so amazed by their eagerness to help. We set the trap and that night I was alerted that my puppy was inside. A volunteer came to my house at 3 am to help me bring my dog inside. My puppy is now safe and sound. Because of their work, she is reunited with the rest of my family. I don’t know how else I would have been able to find her. This volunteer group is amazing! I am forever indebted to your services. 


Kaitlyn Kimball 

Naugatuck, CT 

Abbey in Mystic 

Abbey Testimonial pic.jpeg

Patti Marconi Hawk, Sharon Magnuson Mlyniec and Gary were there right by my side from the evening our newly adopted rescue dog ran out of our yard. They advised me on how to make signs, and where she might be based on her personality. When Patti visited, she even advised posting more signs on certain intersections to make it more beneficial. Gary walked through the entire neighborhood to get a feeling for where my dog took off to. Even on New Years Eve Patti was there for me as I cried, missing my dog. These are volunteers that work so tirelessly and selflessly to bring your dog home. After 5-6 LONG days.  we did finally get Abbey K back. It felt like truly a team effort. They then advised me on how much to feed her and what she might do for the first few days at home. I will forever be grateful to CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer Network. Not only did we get Abbey K back, but we gained friends as well. Thank you for everything!

Nancy Miller - Abbey’s Mom

Kimmi in Danbury 

Kimmi and Knowlton .jpg

carol was beyond helpful in returning my dog, she helped me at all hours of the day and was actually the main reason i got my kimi back. i can’t say enough great things about these people and what they do but they are angels for helping out in hard times like losing a loved one. thank you for your help 🖤

Knowlton Decker - Owner 

molly and betsy.JPG

Molly in


A big thanks to Patti and Deb for finding Molly and bringing her back home safely. You guys are so awesome, patient, and great. I could not have found her without your help. They missed holidays and birthdays to help me find Molly by putting up posters and giving out handouts. Thanks to Christa for helping me out during this tough time by calling with a bunch of helpful information and checking up on me to make sure I was okay. Also thanks to Brenda the Farmington ACO for putting so much time and effort into finding Molly. I really mean it when I say we owe them our lives. Thank you thank you thank you. Molly is happy and healthy and has not left my sight since.

I’m so happy that I got my partner back.❤️❤️


Betsy Le - Molly’s Owner 

Luna in Colchester 

Luna R flyer.JPG
Luna Trap .JPG

Please join us in raising money for the CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer Network, a group that finds lost pets, builds community, and helps people take small actions that make big differences. Our Collie Luna is home after 51 long, hot days in the woods because CDGRV created a chain of actions that brought her home. 


Luna’s homecoming boils down to this: One person saw a collie on a highway’s edge, remembered seeing a Lost Dog poster, and made a phone call. 


That phone call led me and my husband Bill to the area where Luna was sighted and beyond that, we found “Luna Land,” a wooded area cut by dry, paw-printed streambeds, decorated with tufts of Collie fur snagged on twigs, and relieved by a sun-filled patch of grass littered with deer bones. We knew Luna had been there. If we hadn’t been working with CDGRV for the last 50 days, we might have called out to Luna or looked for her in the brush. In doing so, we might have scared her onto the highway.  


Luna came to live with us, our cats, and two other collies four years ago. Caspian is her father, and Holly is her buddy. They all came to us through the Collie Rescue League of New England.

Everything scared poor Luna. But over the years, Bill gave her the love, guidance, and opportunities she needed to grow into a more self-assured dog who enjoyed life -- wrestling with Holly, running with her dad, and racing around for the pure joy of it. 


On July 18, she woke up, played with the cats, and went off to the groomer. In the lot, inexplicably, she bolted from the car. Within hours of our niece posting the loss on Facebook, Adam Barnett from the CT Dog Gone Rescue Volunteer Network had contacted her. Bill and I were already searching desperately -- Bill walked 15 miles that day. Adam organized us. He asked us about Luna’s personality. He told us what to do, how to do it, and WHY do it. Our friends said, “Everything they’re telling you seems counterintuitive.” Don’t call your dog. Don’t let friends comb the woods. If you see her, sit down and avert your eyes. It did seem counterintuitive, but when Adam explained the rationales, it all made sense. 


Adam got the ball rolling on social media, too. I sent him a picture of Luna, and he designed posters for telephone poles, flyers for stores, and small handouts to give to anyone walking a dog, working on a road, delivering packages, watching birds, or hiking -- anyone we met. 


We mapped likely places on google maps, asked property owners for permission to search, to set up trail cameras, and hopefully, a humane trap to capture Luna. We learned that a dog like Luna, not naturally friendly with people and probably in survival mode, would need to be trapped. She would never run into the arms of a helpful stranger. She might not even recognize us. Calling her, approaching her, unwittingly scaring her might send her farther away, deeper into hiding -- so we had to depend on social media and posters to generate interest and sightings. We were astounded by the community of people, both in-person and online, who asked about Luna, looked out for Luna, and encouraged us. We waited for the day a sighting would be reported, we’d see Luna on a trail cam, set a trap, and bring her home. 



With guidance from the CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteer Network, we conducted quiet searches daily and set out trail cams and feeding stations every night. We fed every possum, skunk, and racoon in town -- but never once saw Luna. There were a couple of sightings early on, but then nothing for weeks and weeks. Bill continued to put up posters and went through every bit of woods with help from Adam and Sunny. 


Without CDGRV, we wouldn’t have known how to do any of this. We wouldn’t have understood the logic or science behind their methods. Without their efforts, we wouldn’t have had the huge community of supporters with eyes open for Luna. We would have tried to catch Luna - we’d have no idea that a trap was our best hope. We wouldn’t have thought to use trail cameras. Without CDGRV, Luna would not have been shared thousands of times on social media. We wouldn’t have understood the value in calling vets, animal controls, police, shelters, and transportation departments on a regular basis. And if we hadn’t done all that outreach, we wouldn’t have had the encouragement to keep going. Bill would have kept going no matter what -- he walked 349 miles for Luna in 51 days. But it would have felt lonely and impossible without CDGRV, new friends, and old friends cheering us on. 


We would have thought a few posters would be fine. We ended up posting 400. And it was a poster that saved Luna. A man saw the posters, then he saw Luna, then he took our numbers from a poster and called us. And then we found Luna. 


As Sunny, Bill and I set up the trap in “Luna Land”, we checked to make sure that its door would close correctly if Luna tripped it. It clanged. We heard Luna’s bark. We stopped to lure her with “calming signals” -- another brilliant tool that we would have known nothing about without CDGRV’s guidance. She didn’t come out. The same thing happened 2 more times. We didn’t see her, but the barking got closer. We got the trap up, trained cellular trail cams on it, and left. 


Bill and I stopped for gas -- and pictures from the trail cam started coming in on our phones: Luna approaching the trap, Luna getting closer, Luna’s nose touching the metal. By the time she was inside eating the “bait” with the door closed behind her, Bill was racing through the woods. She was standing on her hind legs in the cage, yelping when Bill arrived. He went to her, averted his eyes, and gently sat down. Then Luna sat down and Bill slowly put his hand in the cage and stroked her chin. And she melted at his touch.  


Sunny, Bill, and I rejoiced. Bill carried her out of the woods and we made a beeline to the vet. At home, her relief, our relief, and the joyful sniffing of cats and collies filled every corner of the house. Luna’s blood work was good: She was 12 pounds lighter with no parasites or internal issues At some point in her journey, she suffered a broken leg that healed on its own, but not well. She is in a splint for now, hopping. We’re worried about her leg, but she’s a survivor. She kept herself alive for 51 days in a drought, a tropical storm, and a long, stifling heat wave. Our respect for her is immeasurable.


The day after Luna joined the swelling ranks of CDGRV success stories, Bill and I explored the area where we’d found her. We saw where she made her den, where she found water, and how she was able to watch us undetected while we built her trap. We saw again the clues she left: fur tufts, paw prints, chewed deer bones.


Later in the morning, as we pulled our Lost Dog posters off phone poles, people stopped their cars to say, “Did you find that dog? I’ve been so worried!” And when we told them “yes” they said variations of, “This is the only good news we’ve had in 2020!”


We’ve all had a hard year. And a lost dog can seem a small thing in the big picture. But CDGRV doesn’t just “find” lost dogs. They train people to think more creatively and rationally, they encourage civic action that creates results, and they build communities around a cause. 


Supporting CDGRV will help other Lunas, will educate more people like us, and send a message into the world about how we can all work together -- in large and small ways -- to make a difference by connecting people and animals through kindness. Please support CDGRV.

Katie Home _edited.jpg

Katie in 


I would just like to say how very thankful I am for all the help & advice I received from Patti @ DogGone! If not for her assistance & advice I don’t know if I would ever been able to bring Katie home!! So I want to say thank you & let everyone know what a wonderful organization Dog Gone is! Keep up the great work!!!

- Nancy Palozie - Owner 

Millie R.JPG

Millie in


CT Dog Gone Recovery,


Millie is HOME and we couldn’t possibly be more thankful for all of your help! When she ran off on June 2, we had no idea what to do. Everyone in the neighborhood looked for her with no luck- she had never done this before! Several people suggested contacting you- and we are SO glad we did!!!! Right away you told us exactly what to do, had flyers and posters ready for us immediately and told us exactly where and how to put them up. You made sure we put the word out everywhere possible on social media and elsewhere, helped us do so, and truly were our guiding light when we needed it most! You put us in touch with Gary who was amazing and explained EXACTLY what he would do and how we could help. He talked of using trail cameras and food and eventually a trap if needed- and his knowledge and expertise of lost dog behavior was incredible. He kept us encouraged when we were losing hope and was there any minute we needed him! He spent DAYS scoping out where she might be! You guys worked tirelessly- without asking for a dime- truly something we don’t see these days, and something we will forever be thankful for! When Millie returned home (6 days later!!!) you were just as excited as we were!!!! You even continued to tell us the next step to keep Millie safe from now on! You are an AMAZING organization. If we ever hear of someone losing a pet, without a doubt we will insist they contact you!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!! We are forever grateful!!! (Millie is too!)


The Harrington Family

Niantic, CT

Theo Home Sweet Home

Dear volunteers, We can't thank you enough for your professionalism and invaluable guidance that lead to the relatively quick return of our beloved puppy! Janice called me back immediately and walked us through the first steps important to recovery. I sent in a photo and within minutes someone called me who had seen our pup being picked up. After a night searching the woods (not calling per instructions),  we were relieved he had been picked up by a loving family. Their cousin saw the Dog Gone recommended poster and told the family how to find us! Our pup Theo was returned after recieving a spa treatment from sweet teen girls! We are enormously grateful to Janice at Dog Gone (i was an emotional wreck) for her steady support and guidance. We honestly don't know if we would have found our pup again without them! With gratitude, Melinda, Gary and Ronan

Theo R.JPG