Bacon Burns 

and When They

are Useful  

What is a bacon burn?


A bacon burn carries a food scent to attract a hungry dog towards a trap set up.  It is designed to work a dog’s keen sense of smell to lure the dog towards a trap.  A  hungry dog will be on the lookout for food while missing.  

Another product used to lure dogs towards a trap is liquid smoke which is laid generously in an area around a trap set up.   This product can be found in the grocery store in the bar-b-que food section.  The area where it is applied smells like a bar-b-que. 

We often do a bacon burn and use liquid smoke simultaneously 

A bacon burn is done when a lead, who assists the owner on a search, suspects the dog is nearby.  This set up draws the dog towards the trap and/or helps to keep the dog interested in the surrounding area where a trap is set up.

The area of the trap must be kept quiet to not frighten the dog from the area.  The lead will set up the bacon burn upwind from the trap and generally do this alone. The lead will use bacon, and other meats that provide an enticing smell to a lost hungry dog.  

Once the bacon burn is completed the lead uses the bacon grease at the trap as an added food lure and then quietly leaves the area.

We advise against bacon burns if we do not know where the dog is located, in high predator areas or if the dog is not settled down in a known area. If we have eyes on the dog and it looks like it will be a quick trap, the lead may elect to just bait up the trap and move out of the area as quick as possible.  

 The key is understanding when to apply this tool and how to apply it.  A combination of common sense and experience with the tool.  A lead will discuss with the owner when best to use this tool in the search.