Inform Animal Control

Not everyone knows to contact animal control when their dog goes missing. There a few reasons why doing so is important.


  • The ACO may already have the dog in custody.

  • Someone may have already found the dog and reported it.

  • The ACO may catch a stray dog fitting the description of the missing dog.


With any of these scenarios the ACO knows a dog is missing, then there is a better chance of quickly being reunited with the family.  


When you do contact your local ACO to report your dog missing be sure to include the following:


  1. Description of your dog

  2. Picture of your dog if you have one

  3. Phone number, where you can be reached 24/7

  4. Breed of dog

  5. Age of dog

  6. Gender of dog

  7. If dog is wearing a collar or ID's

  8. If dog has a microchip, and/or an identifying tattoo

  9. Any special medical considerations

  10. If your dog is an emotional support dog or service dog


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