What To Do If Your Dog Is

Still Missing


Your dog still hasn't been found and you aren't sure what to do. Waiting for the sighting calls to come in makes you feel like your wasting time. While you can't be out there searching every minute of the day, there are things that you should continually do in the mean time.

1.  Continue to check with the shelters and vets and police to see if someone brought your dog in.


2.  Check on the condition of the existing posters and repair or replace those that need help.


3.  Expand the search area a few more miles out. That means to add more posters and contact the Animal Control, Police, and Vets in those new areas.


4.  Continue to stay in touch with your contact from CT Dog Gone Recovery Volunteers for support.  


5.   Monitor the social media lost and found sites as well as other websites such as lostmydoggie.com helpinglostpets.com. and craigslist.com, to see if anyone posted your dog.  Additionally, check local town Patch websites.


6.   Sad to say, but you should try to find out if your dog may have been hit by a car. Check with your local and state department of transportation (DOT), they usually are the ones to pick up dead animals from the roadside and city streets. Additionally, Animal Control personnel does this as well. Be sure to check with each of them.


7.  Consider offering a reward if you haven't done so already.- depending on the circumstances a reward may be enough enticement to someone who may have found your dog to return it to you.  


8.  Contact the microchip company again and ask if they have been notified that your pet has been found.

9.   DON'T GIVE UP.  Sometimes it can take weeks to months to recover a missing dog.